eGovernment Interoperability

While working on developing the Lanka Interoperability Framework (LIFe) – an eGovernment Interoperability Framework (eGIF) for Sri Lanka – the opportunity to teach at the oldest University in Sri Lanka was God sent! Though, it was for a very short period, yet it forced me to put the learning that I gained during the process, in one place.

57 slides; Yes, it took all of it, but it was pretty comprehensive (I believe!).  The presentation below starts with an attempt to understand eGovernment Interoperability as a concept aka ‘What, Why, How, and Who’ of eGovernment Interoperability, then (from slide # 24 onwards) synthesis of eGovernment Interoperability Frameworks (eGIFs) and finally the comparison of eGIFs from select countries (slide 36 # onwards).

[slideshare id=4512928&doc=rajivclass2-100616030034-phpapp02]

One comment on “eGovernment Interoperability

  1. I just finished a book on government web sites and that led to some web 2.0 research questions regarding civic engagement and the relationships between citizens and all levels of government:

    1. How has Web 2.0 changed relationships?
    2. What are the affects of the changes in relationships caused by Web 2.0?
    3. Have Web 2.0 effects been beneficial?

    If you are interested in contributing to a book that looks at these questions please see the call for chapters at: