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In July, 2010, I was invited to be the Advisor in the reference group for the ‘Open Data Study’ – commissioned, by the Transparency & Accountability Initiative, c/o Open Society Foundation, UK.

Under the initiative, apart from a report on Open Data Study, two sets of ‘country case studies’ were produced: One was conducted by the World Wide Web Foundation (for Chile, Ghana (and Turkey)) – Chile reportGhana report and another was conducted by the Centre for Internet and Society (for India) – India report.

As the member of the reference group – I had the great opportunity to get exposed to the latest happenings in the ‘Open Data’ field then. However, at that time I was not able to find any instances of involvements of any National Statistics Offices in this domain, – though considered critical government organs concerning ‘data’ about the country.

With time, things must change.

With and in existence, (with access to data in open and machine readable formats) – I’m exploring now, the role that, the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) may play in this endeavor – under the broader responsibility of the coordinator of the National Statistical System (NSS) in Rwanda.

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  1. I have some public climate data that I gathered while working at the World Bank. I will be in Kigali in late January and I would love to help out. With a little work we could tailor the data specifically for Rwanda and show both historical and projected data for rainfall and temperature. let me know!

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