Currently, with the PARIS21 Secretariat @OECD, my key objective is to support, National Statistical Systems, and in particular the National Statistics Offices around the world on data dissemination effectiveness, strengthening data management practices and planning for National Strategies for the Development of Statistics.

Over the course of my career, I have worked with approaches and techniques to maximize human potential and enhance efficiency and effectiveness of business process to attain organizational goals.

Because of my exposure to seemingly disconnected yet tied-up areas with crosscutting theme such as ICT, I can often spot trends and see opportunities that may not be as obvious to people who are concentrated on a single effort. However, while I always try to see the big picture, my strength comes from my ability to capture the details precisely.

Basically, while the above is where I see my strengths, once I’m involved with an initiative I’ll pretty much do whatever it takes (and whatever I can) to help it become successful.